Things to Consider Before Hiring A Private Investigator

Private Investigators: Information You Should Know:

A private investigator is a professional trained in the area of investigations and surveillance. Licensure is mandatory in most states. Just as an attorney or other licensed professional, the governing body of a private investigator in their respective state requires certain qualifications, training and experience in order to become licensed. A private investigator's background and training can be somewhat varied. This experience usually stems from years in law enforcement, military, insurance investigation, and research backgrounds. A private investigator's work and any conversations with the client are strictly confidential between investigator and the client. The duties of a private investigator are to assemble information for corporate businesses, attorneys, insurance carriers, and private clients. Most private investigators are trained to perform surveillances, research, locating and interviewing interested parties and witnesses. Investigators have access to specialized databases and varied resources. These capabilities allow the investigator to obtain substantial amounts of valuable information. Trained and qualified investigators can get information that is otherwise unavailable to the public.

Proper Licensure: In the State of Florida, the law requires any individual or entity operating as a licensed private investigative agency requires that agency or individual to possess what is known as an A, or Agency license. Anyone performing private investigations for the agency that is an employee of that agency must possess a C license. A CC licensee is an intern or trainee. Ask an investigator for a copy of the proper licensure. Some individuals or entities attempt to operate without proper licensure, or experience. Be sure to know who you are dealing with.

Always get a written contract from a private investigator. Never enter into any verbal agreement with anyone, without a signed contract. Both the investigator and the party seeking investigative services should enter into a written contract detailing the services sought, and what the investigator will provide in return.

Always consult an attorney for any legal advice. A private investigator is licensed to investigate and obtain facts for the client. Private investigators cannot dispense any legal advice.

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